Monday, December 05, 2005

Boston thoughts from a frequent visitor

Kay Freilich, a former FGS Board Member, is contributing a series of posts for this blog. Keep checking back to learn more about Boston from a visitor's point of view.

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By the time the FGS/NEHGS 2006 conference gets started in Boston, my husband and I will have been visiting the host city for twenty years. In 1986 we took our daughter to visit Tufts University as a high school senior. The following year she enrolled in the suburban college and then became one of the many Boston area students who elect to live in the city. Over those years, we’ve visited many of the city sights. We’ve found museums for cold or rainy days, harbor tours for the warm summer, and attractions to appeal to every interest from art to zoos. There is truly something for every interest.

With the conference based in the heart of downtown, getting around to your choice of destinations will be relatively easy. Boston’s public transportation system blankets the city and is easy to use. Fastest to use is the T—the subway system. Multiple lines that bear color-coded names (Red Line, Blue Line, and so on) can carry you from the harbor to the suburbs and all points in between. Changing between lines is easy and maps at each station will help you plan your route. As a starting point, the Boston Sheraton Hotel is closest to the Green Line’s Hynes Center Station.

For those who prefer above ground travel, several companies offer trolley service around the historic spots with a “hop on, hop off” policy for sightseeing stops. City buses serve many spots of interest, but information about which route to use isn’t as readily available. Any of these types of transportation, though, are far better choices than driving your own car. With its narrow, curving streets, driving in Boston is not for the faint of heart. Furthermore, just one look at parking rates will encourage you to look towards the T!

The sights described in the rest of these articles are some of our favorites. Come to Boston a few days early or stay an extra day or two to explore some of them!


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