Tuesday, December 27, 2005

History in Your Own Backyard

Do you live in the New England area? That alone should give you even more reasons for attending the 2006 FGS/NEHGS Conference. You are likely acquainted with the Boston "T" and the area's commuter rail. It is so easy to travel to Boston and nearby places from most of New England and other points on the East coast.

As I did some more online searching for Boston history I came across these Websites:
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The first time I walked through the Harvard Square area it struck me that I was visiting a place with a long history. At the sites above I learned that Harvard Square began in 1630 as the Colonial village of Newtowne. It was the capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was the first planned town in English North America, and the 1631 streets are still there today.

I wondered how many Bostonians and other New England residents have taken advantage of all the historic and cultural sites the area has to offer? Every-day life often means residents to go from home to work and back, or home to shopping and back. How about adding a few days to your plans for the 2006 conference and using those days to be a tourist in your own backyard?

One of the contributors to this blog, Maureen Taylor, has been providing us with details and Websites for historical, cultural, and even shopping experiences. Check the archives of this blog in the right-hand column to see her blog postings.


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