Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Irish Tracks (There are 4 of them!)

You’ve heard of being a “wee bit o' Irish” – well, this conference offers way more than a wee bit of Irish lectures. Here's a peek at some of these:
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Valerie Adams:
A Treasure Trove of Information: An Introduction to the Archives in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

John Grenham and George Handran:
Workshop: Valuation Records

Collette O’Flaherty:
Sources for Genealogy in the National Library of Ireland

Mary Ellen Grogan:
Irish Birth/Marriage/Death Records

Nora Hickey:
Are You Looking for the Correct Surname?

Brian Mitchell:
The Importance of Place: Getting to Grips with Irish Administrative Divisions

Eileen O’Duill:
Researching in Ireland: Planning is the Key to Success

David S. Ouimette:
Finding Your Irish Ancestors


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