Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Backgrounds of Conference Speakers

This afternoon I decided to read through the bios of the 2006 FGS/NEHGS conference speakers at The diversity and breadth of the education, occupations, expertise, interests, and volunteerism is astounding. Reading these is a bit like peeking into their lives. A rather quick tally of these limited-word bios shows: . . .

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  • More than a dozen currently work full-time in the archival field
  • Another dozen or so work full-time in the field of history
  • Almost twenty work professionally as librarians
  • Over sixty are authors, editors, and/or writers in the fields of history and genealogy and some in other areas of interest
  • Almost fifty are genealogical educators as teachers and/or lecturers

The degrees speakers have earned encompass history, engineering, veterinary medicine, photography, technology, law, geography, mathematics, library science, and other disciplines. A large number of these have earned advanced degrees. You will get to hear from college professors, high school teachers, law enforcement specialists, software developers, website creators, world travelers, research tour leaders, manuscript collection curators, political advisors, business administration specialists, professional genealogists and many with extensive expertise in technology.

I have a bit of a disclaimer on these tallies – I included personal knowledge of the interests and occupations of some of the speakers for these tallies. In a future blog posting we will look at the ethnic interests, places of residence, genealogy professionals, and a few other areas. This is an impressive group of people that we are privileged to have sharing their expertise at this conference.


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