Thursday, May 25, 2006

FGS/NEGHS Conference Registration Early Discount Deadline

Thirty seven days
37 days
Just over five weeks

No matter how you put it, the deadline for the early registration discount for this conference is inching closer. As of May 25th, the deadline is just thirty-seven days away. If you register (postmarked or online) by July 1st, you save $30.00 off the full registration price.

It is easy to register online at the FGS Website. The site includes

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lists of speakers and lecture titles, including on which day each is presented. This site also includes details of luncheons and banquets which are an exciting part of each FGS Conference. These do require an extra fee per meal and seasoned conference goers know they need to register for several of these meals. The site also has details on the conference hotel, travel agent, and other helpful information.

As speakers provide FGS with extended details on a lecture or luncheon talk, along with some more biographical information, these are posted on this blog. This is a neat way to gain more insight into the topic, the speaker’s expertise, and to be wowed at the backgrounds of the speakers we will be fortunate to hear later this summer. The blog is also the place to check as the weeks move nearer to the conference for additional details and suggestions for conference registrants. There is no charge to check this blog or to skim over the months of postings dating back to last September. (See Archives connections in the right hand column of this page.)

If you have any questions, please contact:

Paula Stuart-Warren, CG
FGS/NEHGS Conference National Publicity Chair

or the FGS Office at


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