Thursday, July 06, 2006

One more conference highlight – the FGS Banquet

Friday evening at the FGS Conference is reserved for the FGS Banquet. For many of the conference attendees, this is a must do event. It is always a special evening and the 2006 banquet has a special element, the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of FGS. The evening is composed of several special parts: Read More

The evening starts with a cash bar reception with sodas, bottled water, wine, beer, and mixed drinks. This is a good hour for networking and swapping lots of laughter-filled stories from the conference. You may come for this hour even if you don’t purchase a ticket to the banquet.

There is always a meaningful after-dinner program and that includes the presentation of several key awards. The Ruth C. Bishop Annual Volunteer Hall of Honor Award recognizes genealogical society volunteers, both present and past, who render valuable service to organizations far and wide. Ruth Bishop, a special friend of both FGS and NEHGS, personally presents the prestigious Living Volunteer Award.

Many things have been invented or first came to common use in Boston, including the telephone, the microwave oven, the pacemaker, the first email and the @ sign, the instant camera, the use of anesthesia to make surgery possible, the first World Series of baseball, the mutual fund, smallpox inoculation, and baby formula. The Massachusetts constitution is the oldest functioning written constitution in the world, written by John Adams in 1780. And of course we have the famous 54th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the first free black regiment in the Union Army and immortalized in the film Glory. Actors from the Boston History Collaborative will be presenting vignettes about famous Boston inventions. The evening promises to be very interesting, entertaining, and informative. For more on the History Collaborative visit their website,

Several people have asked what to wear to the banquet. A wide range of wearing apparel will be seen there. Most people wear something close to their Sunday best or at least business casual. Over the last few years more people have been dressing up in fancier clothes as well.

For details about the conference program and banquet tickets visit Conference registrants can add banquet tickets at any time by following the link in their confirmation email. Want to bring a guest to dinner? Registrants can purchase as many tickets to the banquet as they like and bring their whole family!


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