Sunday, July 16, 2006

Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Lynch

Title: Immigrant Arrivals through Ellis Island and Castle Garden

Session S-296 (Saturday, Session # 296), 9:00-10:00am
Sponsored by Connecticut Society of Genealogists in the New England Regional Genealogical Conference Track

Sure - many hear the story "my grandmother came through Ellis Island" (or great grandmother, grandfather, or insert ancestors name here). BUT – then you go to find them and either come up empty handed or find yourself looking at 2,000 possible matches due to a common name. There are plenty of tricks which can help tame (and can also help when searching Ancestry, Heritage Quest, and elsewhere).
Read More including details on how you can receive direct help in this lecture

We'll discuss strategies for expanding and/or narrowing your search, when/why you may need to select one or the other strategy, tricks for extracting more information that first meets the eye, and how this data can be used in conjunction with other sources to tie your family story together. Will also discuss other websites including Castle Garden, Steve Morse, Immigrant Ships, and the Ellis Island site for the American Immigrant Wall of Honor.

NOTE from the speaker: I will accept a limited number of "case study examples" submitted by blog-readers who know they will be in attendance. The only requirement is that you have attempted the search with/without success and are certain the Port of New York was the entry point to the U.S. Include details such as passenger name, any additional info, and how you tried to search and the results. I'll pick 3 or 4 of the best examples to use in my presentation and will hopefully have answers by then (and will bring printed manifests for the submitters at no charge)

Speaker Bio:
I have been actively conducting research for over 25 years and having worked in the computer industry since 1984, have a strength in the overlap of technology with genealogy. I served as VP, Business Development for Ancestry ( from 1998-2001; then managed the subsidiary for the A&E Television Networks prior to their sale of that business to Ancestry. For the last 4 years, I have been a marketing and technology consultant and The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is one of my clients. I directed the effort to relaunch their site in 2004 with a refined navigation, additional site content, and more flexible searching options. In addition, we began accepting corrections for transcription errors.

I'm a CT native of Irish & Italian heritage (with my Italians coming through Ellis and the Irish still managing to hide from view, but likely through Castle Garden). Upon the release of the Castle Garden site in August 2005, I worked with Steven Morse in the few days that followed to develop detailed search tips for I've lived in MA and RI, in addition to CT and my site is I was featured on Good Morning America in June 2004 (filmed at Ellis Island), showing how the Internet can be used as a tool for getting started.

The Sponsoring Organization:
The Connecticut Society of Genealogists was formed in 1968 and serves 4,000 members (more than half of whom reside outside the state ). While we do have a specialty emphasis on Connecticut resources, as well as New England and New York, the Society also promotes genealogy in a general sense and sponsors an annual Literary Awards Contest to recognize notable achievements by authors serving the market for genealogy works.


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