Saturday, July 22, 2006

Updated Conference Grid and Pre-planning

Earlier this month, this blog shared info about the conference program in a grid format that was posted on the FGS Website. Since that time some neat additions have been made and then latest exciting program grid is posted there. The Program Chair, Rhonda McClure, somehow managed to get all those wonderful lecture titles and speakers names into the grid format that conference attendees are accustomed to seeing.
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The updated conference program grid online is for your pre-conference planning. Once you are at the conference you will receive the details on each lecture and in what room and at what time it is being given. There are usually a few last minute changes at any conference so if you have your four conference days preplanned, don't forget to check it against your conference registration materials you will receive at the Hynes Convention Center.

Check back to the FGS website or watch the blog for news on conference updates. Have fun with your planning – and if you haven’t registered, you can still do that at the FGS website!


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