Saturday, August 26, 2006

Getting to the New EnglandHistoric Genealogical Society

1. Be sure to check their website for hours and some times when you need to sign up for a reserved spot. The fire marshall just won't let all the conference registrants in there at one time!

2. From the Hynes Convention Center, Sheraton Hotel, or the Prudential Shopping Mall -- just follow signs or ask other people to direct you to Boylston Street. Once on Boylston Street turn to the right. Then there are severall options. Read on for more details
  • At the cross street called Gloucester, you can cross to the other side of Boylston and walk a block on Gloucester to Newbury Street. Once on Newbury, walk 4 blocks to 101 Newbury Street which is the address of NEHGS. The location is just past the intersection of Newbury Street and Clarendon. Using this route you will pass by the many shops and restaurants on famous Newbury Street.
  • Or, once you have crossed to the other side of Boylston, you can continue walking down Boylston. Walk 4 blocks until you come the the cross street, Clarendon. Take a left on Clarendon and walk a block to Newbury Street. Cross Newbury Street and turn right and a couple of buildings down you will see NEHGS at 101 Newbury Street.
  • The third option is to look at the people walking ahead of you on the street who are carrying those heavy tote bags (or even the conference tote bag ) we all take to libraries -- and just follow them!
  • Taxis are always available at the main entrance to the Sheraton Hotel.
  • Taxis may be flagged down once you are on Boylston Street.


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