Monday, August 21, 2006

Keeping Public Records Open for Genealogical Research: What Do We Need to Do?

This session, sponsored by the Massachusetts Genealogical Council, is another special presentation at this conference. Genealogists need to stay on top of legislation these days if we hope to keep even the access we currently have.

We expect a lively discussion from a variety of perspectives - ably presented by Alvie Davidson from Florida, Diane Gagel from Ohio, Sharon Sargent from Massachusetts, and Marie Melchiori from New Jersey. With such a varied cast, we'd like to solicit questions in advance so we can be extremely efficient with the limited twenty minutes or so alotted for audience participation. Constructive queries, phrased like "Why haven't we done.....?" or apt observations would be much appreciated and can be sent to moderator Melinde Lutz Sanborn at in advance of the conference.


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