Friday, August 04, 2006

The Program Grid and the Syllabus

FGS/NEHGS Conference Program Chair, Rhonda R. McClure, has shared some great news with the blog. The program grid has been updated on the FGS Website and the syllabus that each registrant receives is going to be quite a production.
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1. An updated program grid is on the FGS Website. Click on this link
and then scroll down the page to "Download Grid Brochure" and click on that to open the file.

2. The syllabus material you will be receiving at the conference is over 1200 pages in length. Don’t groan about the weight of carrying this many pages. It will be in four sections, one for each day of lectures. You will receive these when you check in at the Hynes Convention Center – details on this will be posted on the blog in the upcoming weeks.

If you are not familiar with the syllabus format at FGS Conferences, prepare yourself for a nice surprise. Most speakers supply the program chair with 1-4 pages of material related to their lecture(s). Normally these are combined into one or two volumes. With so many sessions being presented at this conference, you will receive a volume for each of the four days.

The material might be an outline, discussion of important points, summary, checklist, a bibliography for further research, maps, overview statement, related websites, and many speakers provide their contact information. Even if you don’t attend a lecture, you will still receive the material the speaker provided to Rhonda.


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