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Special Conference Event: The Friday Evening Banquet.

Food, genealogists, and friendly conversation truly do go together. And once in a while we deserve to be treated royally. The FGS Banquet that takes place on Friday evening, September 1st, during the FGS/NEHGS Conference in Boston supplies all that and more. Please join us for this grand evening.
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Wendy Bebout Elliott, President of FGS, recently commented that "It will be an eventful occasion with some major FGS awards, great entertainment, and some added pluses for the evening in celebration of FGS’ 30th Anniversary." Wendy, also said that banquet attendees will "really be getting some bang for their bucks in New England." [Editor’s note – rumor has it that this refers to banquet guests receiving some goodies in honor of the 30th anniversary!]

FGS has received a few questions about the FGS Banquet and that likely means that others have the same questions.

Do I have to be a member of any organization in order to attend the banquet?
Not at all. You just need to purchase a banquet ticket; the evening is already planned and best of all, you get to sit and rest while others do the work and entertain you. You won’t have to fight the Friday evening restaurant crowds. No meal to cook. No dishes to wash. Cloth napkins. Pleasant company at your table.

May I bring a banquet guest who is not registered for the conference?
Everyone is welcome – and just think, it could be the start of that person becoming interested in genealogy once they see that we are truly normal. (Aren’t we all?) The conference registration form allows you to add guests for meal functions.

What should I wear?
Business casual, Sunday best, formal – it’s up to you. Many of the men wear a shirt and tie, some add a sport coat, some wear a suit, and others definitely skip the tie. Over the last few years a greater number of women have gone beyond a pantsuit or dress to adding some glitz and glamour. But, the choice is up to you – the evening is the key, not what you wear.

Where is the banquet being held?
The pre-banquet cash bar reception and the banquet are being held in the Sheraton Boston Hotel. This is wonderful for those of us staying at this conference hotel which is in the same indoor complex as the Hynes Convention Center.

What is on the agenda for the evening?

The evening starts with a cash bar reception from 6:00-7:00 p.m. that will have sodas, bottled water, wine, beer, and mixed drinks. This is a good hour for networking and swapping lots of laughter-filled or poignant stories from the conference. You may join in this hour even if you don’t purchase a ticket to the banquet. The banquet itself begins at 7:00 p.m. and generally lasts about two hours.

  • Food, of course: Chef's Soup du jour, Pan-seared Statler Breast of Chicken with a Tarragon Maple Glaze, Toasted Pecans, Cobb Smoked Bacon, and Sauteed Apples, Whole Grain Mustard Sauce; Ginger Scented Baby Carrots; Roasted Beets and Crisp Green Beans; Basmati and Wild Rice Pilaf. Dessert, of course: Almond Tuille filled with Cinnamon Apple Mousse, Seasonal Berries, and Caramel Drizzle.

  • Awards to some of the best genealogical volunteers ever. These are impressive and often quite moving. Among the special awards is the Ruth C. Bishop Living Volunteer Hall of Honor Award. You will be impressed at the accomplishments of the person inducted into the Hall of Honor at the banquet. No, we won’t give away the surprise.

  • A short presentation that will give you some advance info on the 2007 FGS Conference that will get you revved up for the next event.

  • The evening’s entertainment will be presented by the Boston History Collaborative performing a number of scenes depicting important events in history that are connected to Boston. These events also had a great impact on the world beyond Boston. The evening promises to be very interesting, entertaining, and informative – and as usual history will have an impact on your own family history. Check out the Collaborative’s website at:

  • Among the scenes to which we will be treated:

A short intro on Genius, Boston's genie

Ma Bell – The story of Alexander Graham Bell's genius through the eyes of his wife, Mabel. Mabel, the original "Ma Bell," was the financial genius who enabled Alexander to transform ideas into inventions.

Onesimus – Told from the perspective of Cotton Mather's slave, Onesimus, this is the story of the first smallpox inoculation.

The Mother – A moving piece that portrays the widespread impact of Dr. Sidney Farber's innovative and life-saving chemotherapy treatment developed in Boston's Children's Hospital.

Frederic Tudor – The story of the Ice King! Tudor made his fortune harvesting ice in Boston and shipping it to India and the Caribbean.

How do I purchase tickets for the banquet?
If you have not registered for the conference or the banquet yet, visit the FGS website click on "Get the details" in the yellow box. On the page that pops up, scroll down a bit and click on the words "Register Now." Follow the links on the next pages to register for the conference and meal functions.

If you have already registered for the conference and want to add the banquet to your lineup, check the confirmation e-mail you received to see if it includes the phrase "to modify your registration" and click on the live link, or:

If you have already registered for the conference and now want to add a banquet ticket, check out the instructions for this that were on this blog on July 28th.

It's on my calendar -- see you at 6:00 p.m., Friday September 1, 2nd floor of the Sheraton Boston hotel. Don't forget to bring your banquet tickets!


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