Friday, August 25, 2006

Special Session for Genealogical Societies -- Open Forum

Wednesday, 3:30-4:30, Session W62

Open Forum for all society officers, committee chairs, committee members, other volunteers and any other interested conference registrants.

This is an opportunity for an hour of discussion about running a genealogical society. Whether you are the person who labels the newsletter, the webmaster, the secretary, greet people at the annual semminar, or the society president, there will be Read More
something of interest for you in this session. Bring along your great tips that may help a volunteer from another society. If your society is experiencing a problem bring that along to share and the others in this session may have some great advice for you. Even if you don't have anything to discuss, join us for the hour and you will learn tips to take back to your genealogical society. (Many of these will also be helpful for family organizations, library committees, and historical societies.)

Don't forget to check the online program grid at the FGS website to see the other Wednesday sessions designed especially for those involved with their society.


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