Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Subways in Boston

A couple people have shared info about the transportation system in Boston.

Peggy Baldwin said:
I'm already in Boston and have been using the subway. It works great! Some stations are in transition with the Charlie card, so buying both some trip tokens and adding credit to a Charlie card is a good idea. People won't have any trouble using the Boston subway, especially if you have taken a subway anywhere else in the world. The signage is good. Get a good subway map, which our hotel had and you will do fine.

Barbara Poole said:
The "T" is going through a change and installing new machines for riders to purchase Charlietickets (they are replacing the tokens). Some subway stations sell these and some still use the tokens (which you buy from a person). Depending upon where you travel, you might need to buy both tickets and tokens. The cost for each is the same, $1.25 per trip, no matter the distance. I just want the readers who plan to do a little travelling around the city via subway to be aware of this. The MBTA web site is with good information, including maps and the FAQs have additional information about the Charlieticket.


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