Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What to Wear at the Conference

These tips apply whether you a packing for an airplane ride to the conference or thinking about a daily commute from your home.

First of all, comfort is an issue. Be sure to bring your walking shoes. It can be a bit tough to walk around in flip-flops or loose sandals at a conference. I can’t figure out how they can do all the walking from room to room and not trip or get a blister! Heck, for most of us a few too many birthdays have passed and we need to be careful! (Oh, yes, I do . . . Read More

count myself in this category) Dress in layers for the lectures sessions in case you feel a room is too cool or too warm for you.

Sitting in the Lecture Rooms
Those layers really do work. A vacation outfit of Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts might make you feel a bit out of place. Comfort does help as you will be sitting in a chair for an hour. I do like to wear something a bit tailored but not too dressy. Often I will wear a skirt or slacks and a somewhat dressy jacket. I like jackets that have pockets. Others are quite comfortable in jeans. You may be going directly from a lecture to a luncheon so read the next section.

What about the luncheons?
There is no time to change clothes between the lectures and the luncheons. You will see a variety of clothing. Many of the men wear a sport shirt or a polo shirt. A few do wear shirts and ties. Some women wear slacks with a jacket. Some wear dresses. You will also see some jeans and t-shirts.

What to wear for the Banquet on Friday night?
It is not a formal event, but usually folks wear clothing they might wear to church or a business meeting. Many men wear a shirt and tie, or sportcoat and slacks. Some do wear suits. Many women wear a dress or dressy pantsuit. Some women wear just what they wore all day and add a bit of jewelry. As previous posts have said, each year there seem to be a few more really dressed up women. (We need to wear those clothes somewhere!) There are also a few folks who come dressed very casually.

Now That I Have Said All That.
What you wear is up to you! We each have our own clothing tastes and we definitely don’t want to tell you what you can and cannot wear. We have faith in you, a faith that tells us you WILL wear clothes!


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