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You Don’t Have to Be Irish to Join the Irish Table Quiz!

Do you have plans for Thursday evening, August 31, during the FGS/NEHGS Conference?

Mary Ellen Grogan from Boston and Eileen O’Duill from Dublin, Ireland shared the details on something fun for that evening.

Please join other genealogists for the Genealogy Table Quiz being organized by TIARA (The Irish Ancestral Research Association). If you like Trivial Pursuit, you will love this Quiz. The Quiz is a trivia game with a genealogy theme and promises to be lots of fun and a place to make new friends. Be prepared to socialize, to laugh a lot, and even use some of your hard-earned genealogy knowledge.

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In Ireland , the Table Quiz or Pub Quiz (as pubs are the usual venues) is a popular way to spend an evening. Teams of four players ( to each table) compete for prizes and the honor of winning.

The Details
: anybody who wants to have a great evening (but you do have to preregister)
What: Genealogy Table Quiz
When: Thursday evening, August 31, 6-9 pm
Where: Sheraton Boston Hotel (the host hotel and adjacent to the Hynes Convention Center)
Why: because we are genealogists and we like to have fun
What to wear: there will be a little bit of everything, most will be casually dressed
Cost: $20.00 per person; pre-registration is required for planning purposes and ordering food
Limits: the number of teams is limited to 30 groups of four; no limits on laughter

In addition to food, a cash bar will be available starting at 6:00 p.m. Come and mingle. Participants are grouped in teams of four people. You can organize your own team or let the organizers assign you to a team.

We will start the quiz portion of the evening about 6:30. There will be ten rounds of ten questions on genealogy, Irish and American history, and general knowledge. Clearly, you won’t be given a lot of time to come up with your answers. Be aware, however, that cheating is considered part of the game; consider your strategy. There will be prizes for the top three teams as well as a raffle featuring swell prizes from Ireland and from Boston.

Since TIARA is organizing this event, ½ of the questions will be about US genealogy and ½ will be about Irish genealogy. If you don’t know anything about Irish genealogy, this will not necessarily prevent you from winning. In a Table Quiz, there are prizes both for the correct answer and the best incorrect answer.

There will be at least two breaks so you may refresh your drink, your snack plate, and visit with other participants.
The organizers will use this time to tally the scores of each team, and post the information on a scoreboard for everyone to see!

A portion of the proceeds will be given to the U.S. National Archives branch in Waltham, Massachusetts for the purchase of research materials from Archive Specialist Walter Hickey’s "wish list." Please join us. You will have chance to unwind, have fun, and make a gift to a very good cause.

The Questions and Answers Attempt
I asked Mary Ellen to share the questions and especially the answers with me. Even a "please"didn’t work. I just wanted to be prepared to cheat legally! Her reply was "Unfortunately the questions and answers are in a high-security vault. I have no access. Only Eileen O'Duill (Ireland) and Janis Duffy (U.S.) are in the know. They have let it slip that some of the questions are "zingers!"

The Quiz Master
Quoting directly from Mary Ellen, "the inimitable George B. Handran [of Boston] will be the QUIZ MASTER" and then said "I can provide one teaser question: What famous Irish writer does the QUIZ MASTER resemble? HINT: go to the National Library of Ireland website."

How do I register?
It is easy to register for the Conference and the Table Quiz on the FGS website. If you are already registered for the conference, go to the Registration page, enter your name and confirmation number, and click "Modify." This will allow you to add additional items to your registration. The Table Quiz is near the end of page 2 of the Registration Form under "Optional Items."

How do I join a Team?
Go to the TIARA table in the Exhibit Hall (#820) on Thursday. We will be assigning people to Teams at the booth. We will try to assign someone with knowledge of Irish research to each Team, but there may not be enough Irish experts to go around. We suggest you stop by the TIARA booth early in the day. If you don’t have a chance to do so, you can join a team when you arrive at the Table Quiz in the evening.

Where exactly will the Table Quiz be held?
It will be in the Sheraton Hotel in one of the meeting rooms near the Hynes Convention Center. The room detail will be on your Quiz ticket, which will be in your Registration Packet.

If you have any other questions, contact Mary Ellen Grogan ( Thanks to Mary Ellen and Eileen O’Duill for this info on the Quiz.


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